RAICV Course – Real Estate Agent of Valencia

Photography Course

Includes Real Estate Photography Course (valued at 195€)


Includes 3 months of free access to the property valuation application Trovimap.

Train yourself as a real estate agent in a professional way and work with guarantees in a sector in the process of change.

  • Type of Training: Online.
  • Format PDF Downloadable and printable.
  • Duration: 250 hours (to be carried out in a maximum period of 1 year).

With the recognition of:

National Association of Realtors

API Official College and Association of Real Estate Agents of Madrid

285,00 IVA inc.

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This course meets all the requirements for registration in the official registers as a real estate agent and empowers you to practice throughout Spain.

Community of Madrid
Junta de Andalucía
Generalitat Valenciana
Registro Catalunya

You will learn everything you need to work as a qualified professional in the Real Estate sector as a Real Estate Agent in the Valencian Community. . You will obtain the necessary theoretical-practical knowledge. And you will acquire, from the hand of the best professionals in the sector, all the knowledge and skills necessary to perform with quality.

Training aimed at: individuals and companies that want to dedicate themselves on a regular and remunerated basis to provide real estate services in the Valencian Community on: intermediation, advice and management in real estate transactions related to the sale, rental, exchange or assignment of real estate and its corresponding rights.

Requirements to study it: there are no prerequisites for you to study and graduate in the Real Estate Courses offered by our website.

The figure of the real estate agent in the Valencian Community is one that offers professional advisory services, mediation, and management of real estate operations, both in the purchase and sale of real estate and in the rental of them since October, having completed a minimum certified training of 200 hours on real estate mediation, real estate advice and real estate management.

The real estate agent is a qualified professional, who in addition to managing real estate operations, also offers specialized advice throughout the process of buying and renting a property. On the other hand, it also deals with the selection of properties for the real estate agency or the advice to the owners of the properties.

Real estate agent course in the Valencian Community: Why do it?

The real estate agent course of the Valencian Community of Aula Inmobiliaria® will allow you to train as a professional acquiring solid knowledge to be able to:

If you have initiative and entrepreneurial character you can open your own Real Estate Agency or work in:

  • Real Estate Intermediation Agencies.
  • Commercial Department of Real Estate Developers.
  • Real Estate Division of Banking and Financial Entities.
  • Companies dedicated to the Appraisal and Valuation of Real Estate.
  • Advisory Departments of Online Real Estate Portals.
  • If you have initiative and entrepreneurial character you can open your own Real Estate Agency.

Additional knowledge and other aspects in our Real Estate Agent training

Urban and rustic leases
Real estate development
Real Estate Marketing
Real estate valuations
Buildings: Technical Building Code and its legal regime
Data protection law
Prevention of money laundering

Quality training to be registered in the Register of Real Estate Agents of the Valencian Community

Our real estate agent course in the Valencian Community consists of a 100% online training (distance), where you will be the one who decides: how and when to do it, having absolute time flexibility. During the real estate agent course, in addition, you will have direct contact with the teacher through the virtual campus to solve all kinds of doubts that may arise and to receive a totally individualized follow-up.

Upon completion of the course, you will have access to the National Association of Realtors, API. In addition, with the free entry fee and of course, it will allow you to register and access the Register of Real Estate Agents of the Valencian Community, Andalusia, Catalonia, Basque Country, Madrid and Navarra.

If you want to practice as a real estate professional, but you still do not have previous knowledge about the sector, there is no problem, since it is not necessary to accredit any qualification to start the real estate agent course in the Valencian Community, nor is a minimum knowledge required, from Aula Inmobiliaria we train you!

Qualities to be a good real estate agent

As a future real estate agent of the Vinciana Community, it is important to have certain skills, qualities and work every day to know how to enhance them:

Adaptability and flexibility: It is necessary to have a certain dynamism and flexibility to be able to know how to provide the client with what they are looking for. Being a changing market, it must adapt to it, prioritizing the needs of each client at all times.

Empathy: It is essential to have the ability to understand and sympathize with the client, since it will be then when he will know how to offer what he is really looking for and will make a difference with the treatment received.

Personalized attention: With the correct combination of the two previous points, we will be offering a personalized treatment to each client, knowing how to anticipate at all times the needs and situation of each case.

Organization and punctuality: Although they seem obvious and logical things, it is in the small details where we can surprise and make a difference for the client. Having clear information before each visit and being punctual, will transmit great professionalism and confidence.

Be updated and specialized: An updated and continuous training will provide the best treatment and advice. In addition, if you are specialized in a specific area, it will allow you to master and be able to know in detail that area and have the ability to solve any doubt that may arise to the client.

Although they are personal qualities and depend on the personality of each one, taking the real estate agent course will provide you with specific techniques and working methods more suitable for the daily activity of a real estate agent.

Real estate agent course in the Valencian Community: Do you have doubts?

If you are interested in starting the real estate agent course in Valencia this is your opportunity, although if you have doubts, contact us and we will solve any question you may have.Talk?

Module 1. Property Law
Module 2. Mortgage Real Estate Law
Module 3. Urban and rustic leases
Module 4. Real Estate Tax Law
Module 5. Right to housing. State and regional legislation
Module 6. Real estate development
Module 7. Real Estate Marketing
Module 8. Real estate valuations
Module 9. Urban planning law
Module 10. Professional law. Includes professional documents and models
Module 11. Buildings: Technical Building Code and its legal regime
Module 12. Data protection law
Module 13. Prevention of money laundering
Module 14. Autonomous Civil Law (*)
Module 15. Annexes: Up-to-date legislation
– Law 42/2015. Of 5 October, of Reform of the Law 1/2000


This module is mandatory if you reside in: Catalonia, Basque Country, Navarre, Balearic Islands, Galicia or Aragon as they have regulated civil law in real estate matters. You will only study the civil law of the Autonomous Community in which you reside. If you do not reside in any of the Autonomous Communities mentioned, this module is optional.


Photography and Video Course for Real Estate Agents

Photography and Video Course for Real Estate Agents

Includes 3 months of free access to the property valuation application Trovimap.


Question What qualification will I get?

When you complete any of our courses, a diploma will be issued recognized by:

  • The Registry of Real Estate Agents in those communities that is implemented.
  • Association of Real Estate Agents of Madrid (Spain).
  • AEGAI European Association of Real Estate Managers and Administrators.

The diplomas you will obtain are the following:

Question Being an online course, what methodology is used?
  • The training is telematic (online). Once you have enrolled in any of our courses, you will have access to our Virtual Campus.
  • Within the Virtual Campus you will find all the syllabus, evaluation exercises and practical cases.
Question Starting times and dates
  • There are no schedules: you can do the course at the time of day you prefer.
  • There is no start date: once you have access to our Virtual Campus, you can start studying.
Question How do I enroll?
  • You must fill out the form of the course you want to enroll.
  • You will proceed to contract it by paying with: electronic card, transfer or Bizum.
  • Once the payment has been confirmed, we will proceed to register as our student.
  • You will receive an email and a WhatsApp with the keys to access our Virtual Campus.
  • Your E-Learning teacher will contact you via WhatsApp to welcome you to the course.
Question How do I communicate with my teachers if I study online?

Throughout the course and even once you have finished it you have support from our center through:

  • Email
  • Internal email of our Virtual Campus.
  • Internal chat of our Virtual Campus.
Question Can you access more than one course at a time?
  • Yes, you can enroll in as many courses as you want.
  • If you are enrolled in more than one course, they will all appear on our Virtual Campus.

    Do you want more information about our courses?

    You can call us at teléfono gratuito 900 877 847 or fill out our contact form:

    Mark the course you want to be informed about.
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    • Recipients: No transfer of data is foreseen.
    • Rights: You may withdraw your consent at any time, as well as access, rectify, delete your data and other rights at info@aulainmobiliaria.com.
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    Llame para preguntar si el centro estaba homologado para hacer el curso de AICAT y me respondió la llamada una persona increíblemente prepotente que me dijo que si yo no había visto el vídeo o no me había enterado de lo que dice, y que ahí lo explican perfectamente. Intente hablar con ella de manera amable pues yo solo quería una respuesta clara y concisa, si o no, no necesitaba que se pusiese a la defensiva diciendo que su video es perfecto …Esta persona a lo largo de la conversación acabo diciéndome que en España cualquier ANALFABETO (con esta palabra) puede vender inmuebles …Nunca en mi vida había tenido una llamada interesándome por comprar algo y una persona del otro lado quitándome las ganas. Su oferta del curso era buena pero si así tratan así a los clientes que queremos comprarles algo, imagínate si ya te tienen dentro …La peor experiencia de atención al cliente y ventas de mi vida, tal vez tuve mala suerte y me cogió el teléfono la única persona prepotente de la empresa pero así difícilmente venderán. Tras esa llamada contraté el curso con otra empresa por el doble del precio y estoy feliz . Le habéis hecho la venta a la competencia … BRUTAL.
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